Get in time

No Time to Waste: How to Live in a Big City?

Have some goals and Don’t get lost.

Fast pace, busy traffics, fancy skyscrapers, and lots of parties. Big cities are like giant machines that never stop running. Sounds appealing to you? If you plan to move to a big city, be prepared:

Adapt to the culture but stay true to yourself. That means you need to understand the social norms of the city, in particular those invisible rules.

Do not stop learning. This is easy to understand because big cities always welcome new technologies and interesting thoughts. It is a situation that either you catch up with the trends or fall behind. Plus, the city has absorbed a lot of talents, which makes everything very competitive. If you do not make any progress, then it is likely that you will be replaced.

Stay curiosity and always try to see things from various perspective. All in all, this means that you should not be rigid. Ask questions can always help you think out of the box. Meanwhile, it also means that you have to listen to what other people think. Do not limit yourself in your own thinking.

Learn to budget your money wisely. You can certainly treat yourself from time to time, however, try to set a portion of your earning aside and save it for emergency. You will never know what will happen, but preparation makes sure you have a back-up plan.

Grab the opportunity when it strike you. Big cities have plenty of opportunities, but you never know when it will come. Therefore, you need to be ready to embrace it, including keep learning as stated above. More importantly, you need to identify the opportunity when it comes. And take it without hesitation! Otherwise, other talents will go for it.

Deal with people’s massive egos at work or in your professional field, and ignore some jerks and stand up for yourself when it is needed. Big cities are crowed and you can meet different kinds everyday. You can choose your friends wisely, but you may not have a chance to choose your colleagues, your roommates and other people you have to deal with.  Do not be frustrated. Think positive, these people will make you more tolerate and much stronger.